Graffiti is one of the most costly and persistent problems that transit centers experience today. When elevators, stairwells, signs, windows, and metal partitions are scratched, marked up, or damaged, they’re expensive to fix. The company can either obtain graffiti removal services, for which there is no guarantee, or opt to replace the entire unit. Both are pricey.

That’s why more and more transit systems are investing in Graffiti Shield Window Film. In San Jose, Graffiti Shield Window Films can dramatically reduce the presence of graffiti in a range of public transportation systems, including airports, bus depots, light rail stations, and train stations. Not only are they one of the most effective ways to repair damage caused by vandalism, but they’re also one of the best solutions for preventing it.

In this article, we’ll discuss how Graffiti Shield window films work and how to get started with installing them for your property.

Graffiti Shield Window Films: What They Are & How They Work

Graffiti Shield Window Films are a type of security device designed to repair and prevent damage caused by vandalism. Most commonly, they’re installed on surfaces made of metal, glass, or mirror. This includes places like elevators, stairs, metal signs, metal furniture, windows, and vehicles used for public transportation.

One side of the film has a sticky surface that makes it easy to adhere to a wall or fixture. The other side has a polished, glossy surface that looks like mirror, metal, or glass (depending on the application). This outer side is very strong and tough so if vandals try to scratch it or tear into it, they can’t get through. In this way, the film prevents the area underneath. Once it’s damaged, it can be removed and replaced, so the company doesn’t have to replace the entire wall or piece of furniture.

How to Install Sacrificial Film for your Property

Installing sacrificial film is generally a faster and less expensive process than graffiti removal. These films can be affordably attained through a local window tinting company. Here’s how you can get started:
1. Identify the areas in your building that are high risk for vandalism and damage, or already have marks or scratches.
2. Decide which type of film would best match the surfaces. Do you need a film with a glass, mirror, aluminum, stainless steel, or wood finish?
3. Contact a local window film installer and ask if they carry anti-graffiti film. Schedule an appointment to have the film installed.

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Installing Graffiti Shield Window Film for your San Jose transit center is easy. Call our office today to learn more about how you can get started!

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