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Solar Gard: Energy Efficient Window Films Powered by Nanotechnology for San Jose Homes & Businesses

Even though it may not feel like it, your home or building is susceptible to many dangers. Uv rays in the sun, criminals, and even Mother Nature can all wreak devastating havoc on your home or building. Solar Gard Window Films provide San Jose home and business owners with comprehensive protection against the sun and defend properties from danger. While other window films may have a hazy or metallic appearance, Solar Gard Window Films do not. These powerful, eco friendly window films use advanced nanotechnology to filter the solar spectrum and block heat while retaining glass clarity.

Guard What Matters Most with Solar Gard

Thanks to advances in engineering and technology, buildings today are stronger and more efficient than ever before. Every day, architects are finding ways to address the most pressing building concerns. Nevertheless, glass is by far the most vulnerable part of a home or commercial building. Windows are constantly subjected to hazards that can be detrimental to human health. Solar Gard Window Films provide San Jose property owners with a way to protect their building and its occupants from dangerous human and natural conditions.

UV Protection: The sunlight benefits human health in many ways, but it can also be harmful if prolonged exposure occurs. Exposure to uv rays can lead to a decline in bodily health and cause furniture to fade and age quicker. Solar Gard films block building interiors from this deadly radiation, keeping people and objects safe.

Safety/security: Some situations are hard to predict. When life catches you by surprise, you need a backup plan. Solar Gard Armorcoat Window Films keep homes and businesses safe by delaying intrusion and preventing bodily harm from broken glass.

Energy Conservation: Solar Gard Window Films help protect the environment and reduce global resource consumption by improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Property owners save money and enjoy a more comfortable space while fewer resources are used in preventing solar heat gain and maintaining temperature consistency.

Whatever life throws your way, Solar Gard can provide a solution. Improve your life by improving your home, workplace, or school with Solar Gard in San Jose.

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