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Elevator Graffiti Removal And Prevention In San Jose

Elevator graffiti is a big and expensive problem in this country and right here in San Jose. It costs commercial property owners and even taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year to remove, just to get the elevator looking acceptable again. Even then, the elevators are often vandalized again because they are hard to monitor and gives vandals time to do a lot of damage. Elevator remediation is done by removing the entire metal panel and replacing it is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. However, elevator refinishing with Metal Shield is a cost-effective way to end the cycle; 10x less expensive in fact ($1500 as opposed to $15,000). It is also easy to remove and reapply, most times done in less than one day.

What Is Metal Shield?

Metal Shield is a 6-mil thick graffiti prevention film which is installed over the damaged stainless steel surfaces, precisely matching the finish of the damaged panel. The best part is, this film acts as a sacrificial layer on your elevator’s panel so if vandalism occurs again, the film is easily removed and replaced; always at a much lower cost and with less downtime than with full panel replacement. At San Jose Window Film we also carry a range of protective films for other areas that are also prone to vandalism; mirrors, glass, and almost any flat surface. If you have a graffiti problem be sure to ask us about all the graffiti shield line of products.

Don’t let vandals cost you tens of thousands of dollars, protect your property and your profit with the cost elevator refinishing with Metal Shield products today.

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