huper optik window film san jose

Huper Optik: Optimizing the Comfort & Safety of Every Room

Huper Optik Window Films bring San Jose home and business owners the latest in nano-ceramic technology, providing a solution that improves glass safety and energy efficiency while also attaining optimal clarity. Window films of the past create a tinted or hazy appearance that detracts from the ambiance of a room and prevents the sunlight from illuminating interiors. Huper Optik Window Films are working to change this by providing building owners with a way to upgrade windows without altering their color or clarity. Create a more enjoyable space for your family, protect your school from attackers, or help your business go green and save money. With Huper Optik, countless possibilities are within your grasp.

Nano-Ceramic Window Films Improve Indoor Atmospheres

Huper Optik Window Films are among the most effective energy efficient window films on the market. The unique design and composition of these window films allow them to achieve what most glass laminates cannot – affordable energy efficiency and remarkable clarity. Multiple stacks of film are infused with nano-sized ceramic materials that cause heat to bounce off of building surfaces. With Huper Optik Window Film for your San Jose property, you’ll be able to feel the difference, but you won’t be able to see it…that is, until your low energy bill arrives in the mail!

huper optik window film san jose

A Full Supply of Huper Optik Products for San Jose
San Jose Window Film is your trusted Huper Optik Window Film contractor in the San Jose area. We are honored to partner with the experts at Huper Optik to bring our customers in San Jose and the surrounding cities the latest in window tinting technology. We carry Huper Optik’s entire product line, including the following window films.

Huper Optik Select Series
Huper Optik Select Series window films are a non-reflective window film with an incredible capacity for high heat rejection. Using spectrally selective technology and multiple layers of polyester, these window films separate the strands of the electromagnetic spectrum, rejecting heat while increasing visible light.

Huper Optik Ceramic Series
Huper Optik Nano Ceramic Window Films blend the power of spectrally selective technology with nanoceramic innovation to create some of the most powerful window films on the market. As the only patented nanoceramic window film, these window films are a true innovation and advancement in the architectural industry.

Huper Optik Therm-X Series
Huper Optik Therm-X Window Films create a thermal protective layer that makes windows more resistant to heat transfer, helping to reduce hvac usage and cut energy costs. With these window films for your San Jose home or office, you can stay comfortable throughout the whole year, no matter if it’s rain or shine outside.

huper optik window film san jose

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