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Window Film For Solar Control In Your San Mateo Home or Commercial Property

It is well known that the Bay Area is an enviable place to live and San Mateo is certainly no exception. This fantastic little city is located on the Western shore of the San Francisco Bay and has just enough coast to be considered a city by the sea with the perfect mix of great bayside activities and a ton of tech jobs. This means when it comes to either work or play, San Mateo offers residents from Laurel to Hillsdale a lot of great options. While the temperatures in the San Mateo area are temperate, neither too hot or cold, the residents in San Mateo still face problems as a result of the sun’s UV rays on windows in homes and businesses. When the sun is out they cause an intense glare on windows. And, even in the frequent cloudy weather, UV rays are just as strong and harmful to health.
What’s more, the sun causes a number of issues relating to solar heat gain which drives up the already high cost of living here. Problems like uneven temperatures, high year-round utility bills and the degradation of furnishings, floors, and artwork are all expensive side-effects of the unchecked sun. The solution to sun-related problems on windows of homes and businesses in San Mateo is window tints and films installed by San Jose Window Film. In addition to window tint’s unparalleled ability to mitigate the harmful effects of the sun, there are a number of other applications for window films, both commercial and residential, that are powerful and diverse and serve to improve the quality of life here in San Mateo

Window Film Applications For Better Living In San Mateo

Security Window Film: These films offer everything from a basic layer of film to protect from break-ins all the way up to films for bomb and bullet protection for homes, government buildings, schools, and churches.

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Privacy Window Films: These films work to keep unwanted eyes of out of your home without any loss of clarity for those within. They are also great for adding stylish private or semi-private areas to office settings.

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Exterior Window Refinishing Window Film: Window film can turn old, dated windows into something fresh and energy efficient at a fraction of the cost of full window replacement.

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Decorative Window Film: These films are a great way to brand your business and harness the potential of your customer-facing windows.

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Anti-Graffiti Film: These films can be applied to metal, glass, mirrors and more to cover and protect against graffiti and save you tens of thousands of dollars in graffiti removal costs.

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