Safety & Security Film in San Jose

Ballistics-Resistant Film For San Jose buildings, Venues, And Public Spaces

We have a fantastic quality of life here in San Jose in a city that is relatively safe. However commercial and public buildings, even in safe cities, need to arm themselves against the very real threat of a ballistics attack because of terrorism, lone gunman, gang-related violence and more. In this day and age soft targets could be attacked at random. These vulnerable places often hold crowds of people, making them attractive to those who wish to inflict maximum damage. The most vulnerable part of a building to bullets for obvious reasons are the windows. They also are the cause of some of the most devastating collateral damage.

Protect Your San Jose Property And Community With Bullet Resistant Window Film

As a commercial building or venue owner in San Jose, you likely can’t prevent such attacks but you can mitigate the damages done. Not only does bullet-resistant film minimize collateral human damage in the event of a ballistic attack, it is also something that could help you avoid litigation in the aftermath. While there is no such thing as bulletproof glass, security window films can be applied on top of your windows to make them bullet resistant. They will even withstand impact from many different calibers of bullets or high-velocity objects.

Don’t allow yourself or your commercial building patrons to be victims of collateral damage that is preventable. Have bullet resistant window film applied to your commercial buildings vulnerable glass today!

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