San Jose is a fairly safe city but businesses here still deal with crimes like break-ins and burglaries These are some of the most common crimes here. For stores located in strip malls, this threat is even more looming. These types of locations tend to be targeted for burglaries because they are set back from major roads and often don’t have 24/7 security. Also, these businesses there are usually retail in nature so they have plenty of merchandise to attract a thief. So, for San Jose businesses in strip malls, and affordable way to thwart burglaries is needed.  Security window film is that solution.

Why Security Window Film is The Best Defense Against Strip Mall Break-Ins

For many strip malls, full-time security guards to protect against break-ins is cost-prohibitive. Hiring a security guard or guards for 24/7 work adds up fast. Cameras are definitely a more affordable security method but don’t do anything to stop an actual break-in attempt. Security window film is a great alternative as a way to get 24/7 protection for your San Jose strip mall location. It comes at a price point you almost any store owner can afford. The way it works is–It stops glass from giving way after multiple blows and delays intruders. Since smash and grabs are crimes of opportunity–when the expediency of is removed-thieves move on rather than risk the authorities arriving.

Other Benefits of Security Window Film for Strip Malls

  • Increased security is the most obvious benefit of security window film but there are others as well
  • It blocks the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • It protects merchandise from fading
  • It keeps employees protected from potentially lethal UV exposure.
  • Some security films even lower utility bills as well.
  • This means it saves your strip mall store money on utility bills while keeping it safer.

With so much to gain by installing security window film on the windows of your San Jose strip mall location–it may be time to find out more! Contact us at San Jose Window Film for information and pricing on any of our premium window films today!