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Bird Divert for San Jose Properties

Welcome to San Jose Window Film! We are thrilled to introduce you to Bird Divert. Our team is dedicated to bringing this innovative bird safety window film to San Jose homes and businesses. Bird Divert is not just another window film; it’s a game-changer in bird protection and property preservation.

San Jose Window Film proudly serves neighborhoods like Willow Glen, West San Jose, Japantown, Campbell, and Downtown San Jose. With Bird Divert, we aim to safeguard both your property and our local bird populations while making a significant impact on bird safety. Let’s explore how Bird Divert can be your ultimate anti-collision bird mitigation solution.

Glass Collisions Are Causing Bird Fatalities

Glass collisions are a significant threat to our feathered friends, causing countless fatalities. Surprisingly, the exterior of glass is reflective and mirrors the surrounding environment, leaving birds unable to distinguish it as a barrier. This lack of recognition leads to devastating consequences. In North America alone, up to one billion birds meet their demise each year due to these collisions, with houses and cottages accounting for approximately 25.9% of these fatalities, low/mid-rise buildings for 63.9%, and high-rise buildings for 10.2%.

These startling statistics serve as a wake-up call to the impact of glass collisions on bird populations. Birds, in their flights, often collide with buildings, causing severe injuries or even death. The reflective nature of glass exacerbates this problem, as birds mistake reflections for open spaces, leading to countless tragedies.

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Protect Your Property & Wildlife in San Jose

Introducing Bird Divert, the answer to bird collisions, proudly manufactured by National Window Film. This innovative product is not only effective, but it’s also unique. Developed by National Window Film, Bird Divert™ is the most efficient, optically-clear bird marker available in the market today. It’s the ultimate solution to protect your property and our avian friends.

The impact of glass collisions on bird populations is undeniable. As responsible property owners, it’s our duty to take action to prevent these avoidable fatalities. Bird Divert offers an effective and innovative solution to this issue, ensuring that your property remains a safe haven for birds.

Understanding How Bird Divert Works

Bird Divert is a groundbreaking solution that prevents bird collisions effectively. What sets it apart is its visibility, or rather, its invisibility to humans. Bird Divert falls within the birds’ visible spectrum, making it easily recognizable to them, but it remains entirely clear to the human eye. How does it work, you ask? Bird Divert is a durable UV-absorbing/reflecting dot matrix, appearing black or violet to the avian eye while being optically clear to humans.

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Bird Divert’s effectiveness lies in its clever design. By utilizing the birds’ unique visual spectrum, it marks the glass surface in a way that is unmistakable to them, while remaining transparent to human observers. This smart design ensures that your windows remain bird-safe without altering your property’s aesthetics.

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Key Benefits of Bird Divert in San Jose

Bird Divert is equipped with an array of benefits that make it the prime choice for property owners in San Jose. These benefits include:

Proprietary UV Technology

Bird Divert incorporates proprietary UV reflective and absorbing technology, acting as a powerful tool to prevent bird collisions. It plays a vital role in protecting our avian friends while ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your property remains unaltered.

The technology behind Bird Divert is what makes it a superior solution in bird collision prevention. This innovative UV technology serves as a clear marker for birds while being virtually invisible to the human eye. It’s a win-win situation for both your property and our feathered friends.

Industry Recognition

Bird Divert is proudly endorsed by the American Bird Conservancy and holds a threat level rating of 18. It’s recognized as an industry leader in bird safety, giving you peace of mind that your property is equipped with the best.

The American Bird Conservancy’s endorsement and the threat level rating are badges of honor for Bird Divert. They represent the product’s high standard in the field of bird safety and preservation. With Bird Divert, you’re making a choice that’s not only effective but also recognized by leading bird advocacy groups.

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Versatile Applications

Bird Divert can be used in various settings, both residential and commercial. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing building or designing a new bird-friendly structure, Bird Divert is your go-to solution. Not to mention, it qualifies commercial buildings for LEED pilot 55 certifications, taking your commitment to bird safety to a whole new level.

The versatility of Bird Divert allows it to adapt to a wide range of property types. Whether you own a home, a commercial building, or are planning a new project, Bird Divert can be seamlessly integrated to protect birds and meet bird-friendly design requirements. Plus, the added benefit of qualifying for LEED pilot 55 certifications enhances the appeal of your property.

Invisible to Humans, Visible to Birds

The unique feature of Bird Divert is that it’s designed to be seen only by birds, remaining optically clear to humans. This means that your property’s aesthetics remain intact while ensuring the safety of our avian friends.

The magic of Bird Divert lies in its dual visibility – visible to birds and invisible to humans. This means that your property retains its visual appeal while providing a safe environment for birds. It’s a seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality.

Endorsed by Bird Advocacy Groups

Bird Divert proudly carries the endorsement of the National Audubon Society and is recognized by the American Bird Conservancy. These endorsements speak volumes about the credibility and reliability of Bird Divert in preserving bird populations.

The endorsement of the National Audubon Society and recognition by the American Bird Conservancy is a testament to Bird Divert’s positive impact on bird safety. You can trust that you are making a choice that aligns with the values of leading bird advocacy groups.

Manufacturer Warranty

To offer you peace of mind, Bird Divert comes with an industry-leading 5-year manufacturer warranty. We stand by this product’s durability and performance, ensuring that you and your avian neighbors are protected for years to come.

The 5-year manufacturer warranty is a promise of Bird Divert’s quality and durability. It’s a guarantee that your investment in bird safety is well-protected.

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Bird Divert Product Specifications

For those who appreciate the nitty-gritty details, here are the specifications of Bird Divert:

98% Visible Light Transmission (VLT): Ensuring your property remains well-lit and appealing.
3.2mm thickness: Durable and long-lasting.
PVC acrylic hard coat material: Resistant to wear and tear.
Exterior application: Suitable for a wide range of properties, both residential and commercial.
These specifications highlight Bird Divert’s practicality and effectiveness. They ensure that your property benefits from a high-quality bird safety solution that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics or durability.

Stay Compliant with Local Laws & Building Codes

Across the country, many cities and regions are enacting local laws that require building owners to comply with bird-friendly design requirements. Bird Divert is the ideal solution to meet these requirements, ensuring you stay compliant and contribute to the preservation of our avian friends.

Local laws and building codes are increasingly recognizing the importance of bird-friendly design. By choosing Bird Divert, you not only meet these requirements but also actively contribute to the protection of birds in your area. It’s a choice that aligns with the evolving legal landscape and your responsibility as a property owner.

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Contact Our Team for Bird Divert in San Jose

We offer Bird Divert installations for properties all throughout San Jose, including Willow Glen, Campbell, and beyond. Join us in making a difference, not just for your property but for the birds that grace our city with their presence.

To schedule a consultation or get a quote, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team at San Jose Window Film. Let’s work together to protect your property and make a positive impact on our local bird populations. Call us today, and let’s take the first step toward a safer and more bird-friendly San Jose.

With Bird Divert, you’re not only enhancing the safety of your property but also playing a pivotal role in the preservation of bird populations in San Jose. Join us in making a difference today.

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