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Protect Your Building from Dangerous Earthquakes

Earthquake Mitigation Film for San Jose

California is a hotspot for seismic activity. Major fault lines run through the city of San Jose, some of which are predicted to rupture very soon. Maintaining compliance with seismic codes is crucial for property owners in this area for both safety reasons and other concerns such as being able to obtain a building permit.

Our earthquake mitigation films offer San Jose  home and building owners a hassle-free solution for updating older windows and historic glass that doesn’t break the bank. Reduce hazards associated with seismic activity, stay compliant with local laws, and get the peace of mind you deserve with our custom solutions.


Stay Current with Local Laws & Building Codes

Hundreds of buildings in San Jose are located near active fault zones. San Jose is the largest city on the north San Andreas Fault Line, making earthquakes a major concern. Just recently, the the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) released information which suggested that San Jose may be due for a major earthquake in the near future. That’s why it’s critical for property owners to maintain compliance with local laws and seismic codes. 

Earthquake mitigation film offers San Jose building owners a cost-effective solution for getting up to date with current seismic regulations. It is an especially useful strategy for the following situations:

  • Properties that are historic or were built in the 1980s or earlier years
  • Buildings which have fallen out of compliance with current seismic code requirements
  • Buildings with numerous windows or large sections of glass that would be too expensive to replace
  • Properties with historic glass which must be kept fully intact
  • Buildings with windows or glass located more than 9 ft off the ground
  • Buildings with one or more windows made from annealed glass


Keep Costs Low & Minimize Seismic Risk

During an earthquake, structures such as bridges, roads, and buildings may collapse, putting nearby residents and the general public at risk. But collapse isn’t the only risk. Non-structural components such as windows and skylights may fall out of place and come crashing to the ground. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that these components are secure and properly restrained. In fact, FEMA recommends that, “Critical nonstructural components must be provided with seismic restraint” as part of their Seismic Design Criteria

The buildings that are most at risk of being impacted by an earthquake are older and historic properties. Many older buildings were constructed at a time when seismic codes did not exist or weren’t as strict as they are today. However, getting up to date with current standards may require the property owner to invest large sums of money in window replacement. As an alternative, San Jose property owners can install earthquake mitigation film. Safety window film can be leveraged to engineer a solution for seismic mitigation that complies with local laws and regulations.


Custom Designed Solutions for Earthquake Mitigation

Get the right solution for your building that reduces your risk of being impacted by seismic activity. At San Jose Window Film, we always take into consideration the specs of the building we’re working on as well as local laws and building codes. We’ll take the following factors into consideration as we custom design and engineer the right solution for your property:

  • The type of glass that exists in the building and needs to be protected
  • The amount of shift that can occur within the existing glazing pocket
  • Where the windows are located in terms of height and proximity to other features
  • What type of window film must be used for the sake of compliance
  • The potential need for a structural silicone as an attachment system


Protect Your Property Now & in the Future

Get the solution you need to keep your property safe. Call our office today to discuss using window films as part of an engineered solution for seismic mitigation in San Jose or any other city on the West Coast.

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