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Less Distraction From Glare Means More Learning At San Jose Area Schools

Places of learning regardless of what education level, require an environment where those being taught are able to easily pay attention. Elementary schools, community colleges, private and public universities all need their students focused, in order for them to fully grasp the complex concepts being presented. Uneven temperatures and glare through the windows hinder this process. However, window tints, especially Low-E window films that balance out temperature or daylight redirecting films which keep out glare, provide a classroom environment free from the distraction of the intense San Jose sun. Studies show that students in classrooms with less glare retain more knowledge and have less absenteeism. It also can reduce glare on screens which are standard in classrooms today.

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Window Film Gives Schools Greater Security Than Ever Before

University and schools are places of higher learning but more and more frequently are also targets of gun violence. This is why security films are essential in this day and age. Schools often house the most vulnerable people in our society and security films is a way to protect them. While no security film can make a window or glass door “bulletproof” they will make it very difficult to penetrate the glass before first responders arrive. As you well know, when gun violence erupts, a scant few minutes could make the difference between life and death.

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Other popular window films for San Jose schools include anti-graffiti films (especially for bathroom mirrors), energy efficient films and decorative window film as a means of showing school pride.

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