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Window Film Lowers Energy Bills For Your Home Or Commercial Building

Whether you are a homeowner trying to save extra money for a big upgrade in your home or a large multi-unit commercial building owner looking to increase profit in the fiscal quarters ahead, energy savings window tinting is a tool for you to make that happen. This is because as much as 35% of the air you pay to heat and cool is lost right out the windows of your home and/or commercial building. Even newer windows that are energy efficient prove ineffective at retaining all heated or cooled air. While it is true that very new windows can reduce some of the loss, the fact is, window tints are the best way to make your windows as energy efficient as possible. In fact, the cost of having window film applied to your home or commercial properties windows is significantly less than full window replacement and should be a very real consideration for homes or businesses looking to be truly energy efficient. The best part about energy efficient window tinting is it can be applied in one day. Saving you the weeks of loud, expensive and interruptive construction associated with full window replacement. When it comes down to it, window tinting is a low-cost, highly effective alternative to having your windows replaced and will have you seeing an ROI in as little as 3 years!

Window Film For Lower Maintenance On Your HVAC Systems

Your HVAC systems work hard to keep the indoor climate of your home or office building at a consistent and regulated temperature. But, when you windows allow that heated or cooled air out, it results in stress on your heating and cooling systems causing mechanical failure to come sooner and more frequently. When you have window film installed on the windows of your San Jose home or commercial investment property, you extend the life of your HVAC systems, while, at the same time, reducing the frequent costly repairs. This means lower HVAC repairs and maintenance and ultimately more money in your pocket beyond the monthly energy savings.

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