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Window films serve a gamut of purposes for homes and commercial locations here in San Jose and all across the Bay Area. It keeps utility bills low during a time when energy is more expensive than ever. And it helps keep the public safe in some of the most beloved sporting and music venues in and around San Jose. Window film is the invisible technology that surrounds and protects us.

At San Jose Window Film, we pride ourselves in our strong industry partnerships with innovators like 3M, Enerlogic, Llumar and Vista Films. These partnerships, paired with over a decade of experience, is what sets us apart. It allows us to solve nearly any problem you have relating to your windows and other flat surfaces. Add to all this our commitment to the very best in customer service and a keen eye for detail. What you get is the clear choice for your residential or commercial window tinting needs – San Jose Window Film!

Why Window Film?

Window films and tints are the smart choice for a variety of applications. Whether you are a homeowner looking to cut high cooling bills by nearly half or a commercial building owner looking to retain tenants by getting rid of an intense glare on your San Jose high-rise, we’ve got the perfect option for you. Here are some of the different types of laminates that we offer:

  • Bomb And Ballistics Resistance
  • RF, UV, UVB Blocking
  • Graffiti Prevention
  • Bird Strike Mitigation
  • Privacy Window Film
  • Decorative Window Film
  • Branding Window Film
  • Exterior Refinishing Window Film

When It Comes To Window Tinting–Experience Matters

At San Jose Window Film, we understand what it takes to get the job right the first time. And we have been doing just that for the last decade! What that means to you is superior customer service, a smooth application process, and virtually no downtime for your commercial location.

privacy window film san jose


Privacy can be hard to come by in a bustling California city. Window tint provides privacy for areas where a higher level of seclusion and privacy is desired.

Conference rooms, restroom/shower areas, waiting rooms, and bedroom windows are given a beautiful look while the film obstructs views of objects and images on the inside. This way, it’s difficult for onlookers to see what’s happening on the other side of the glass. This creates a more comfortable atmosphere and helps protect sensitive data, personal privacy, and valuable belongings.

Privacy window film is available in a wide range of styles, is affordable, and is highly aesthetically pleasing. With window film, you can get the level of seclusion you need without closing the room entirely or obstructing natural light. It’s the perfect solution for homes and businesses alike.

Learn more about privacy window film.

glare reduction window film san jose

Glare Reduction

Glare creates unnecessary distraction, impedes general focus, and can be a downright nuisance to endure. Having your windows tinted can make screen-viewing activities like watching TV and working on the computer more comfortable and enjoyable.

Glare-reducing window film blocks solar glare and bright light, prevents eye strain, and eliminates distraction. It’s an easy solution for avoiding problems in the workplace that lead to a loss in energy levels and productivity. And for home offices, it can create the perfect work-from-home environment. Imagine no longer having to squint to see the TV or read your computer screen!

By preventing eye strain, you are also doing your part to take care of your health and the health of your employees. Your family, coworkers, and clients will surely be impressed by the wonderfully comfortable and professional environment you’ve created!

Learn more about glare-reduction window film.

Energy-saving-San Jose

Energy Savings

The main culprits of energy waste are solar heat gain and loss due to insufficient window insulation. Unfortunately, many windows lack insulation because they use only single-pane glass, which efficiently transfers heat. But the good news is you don’t have to replace your windows to get the insulation you need. You can improve them with energy-efficient window film!

Window tinting saves up to 30% on energy costs annually. Using spectrally selective technology and heat-blocking ceramic and metal particles, window tint filters light and rejects unwanted infrared heat and UV rays. This keeps buildings from being too hot and reduces the time that HVAC systems have to work during the day.

Investing in window tint pays off quickly – 3 years or less on average! Property owners can save hundreds of dollars yearly from this simple upgrade.

Learn more about energy-saving window film.

UV Protection

Furniture and flooring exposed to too much sunlight can fade, warp, and lose its beautiful appearance. This is because sunlight carries ultraviolet radiation, which is notorious for its damaging effect on dyes and colors. The solution? Protect your space from radiation with UV-blocking window film!

Window tint blocks out 99.9% of UV rays that cause colors to fade and lose their vibrant appearance. In this way, it can help keep your furniture and flooring looking newer for longer. It also prevents heat damage and keeps wood panels from cracking, splitting, and warping.

And did you know there are health benefits too?! Window tint helps reduce the risk of skin disease, eye problems, premature aging, and cancer. Investing in a solar control window film can help keep your loved ones safe and happy and protect their health for many years.

Learn more about UV protection window film.



Graffiti causes more than just physical damage; it can ruin your reputation and deter customers from wanting to visit your location or use your services. That’s where anti-graffiti films can help!

Anti-graffiti window films protect vulnerable surfaces from being damaged by vandalism. Metal signs, elevators, bathroom mirrors, and other surfaces are coated with a thick film that matches the rest of the surface. Once in place, it blends in perfectly with its surroundings, making the appliance look new and beautiful again. And best of all, vandals can’t penetrate through and destroy the expensive wall or fixture!

Graffiti protective films help save money on repairs and discreetly cover up scratches, markers, paint, etching, and more. If you’ve got wear and tear on your property or are concerned about the potential for graffiti, these window films are a wise investment. Schools, government buildings, restaurants, and many other businesses have saved thousands of dollars using these innovative, affordable films.

Learn more about anti-graffiti window film.

decorative window film san jose

Decorative & Promotional

Do you have a room that could use a little more style and substance? Do you wish your white walls had a little more color or artistic flair? Decorating your home or office is easy with decorative window film!

Decorative window films turn ordinary glass into a visually intriguing and striking work of art. They can be printed with virtually any graphic, logo, color, or texture and are a unique and creative way to add color and privacy to interior and exterior surfaces. Add them to your conference rooms, restroom areas, front door, or any other space in your building for a unique, eye-catching look.

At San Jose Window Film, we have countless decorative film options for you. Go bold with a patterned, stained glass, striped, or multi-colored film. Or create a look of sophistication with an etched, frosted, or sandblasted style. With so many styles and finishes to choose from, we guarantee that there’s an option out there that’s perfect for your space!

Learn more about decorative window film.

ballistic resistant window film san jose

Ballistic Resistance

As a result of the increase in violent incidents in the past few years, security has become a priority for many property owners. Numerous schools and commercial building owners across San Jose are now turning to advanced security systems, such as ballistic-resistant window film, to protect their space.

Ballistic-resistant window film systems are innovative and influential. And reliable. They provide schools, office buildings, and commercial properties with an advanced level of security that traditional equipment, such as cameras and alarms, cannot accomplish.

Using nanotechnology’s power, ballistic-resistant window film alters glass at the molecular level to make it more robust and impact-resistant. When treated glass is struck with a hard object or an intense force, the film deflects the threat and prevents the window from breaking. The glass pane stays in place instead of exploding and being released everywhere. This provides precious time, allowing occupants to flee and find safety.

Learn more about ballistic-resistant window film.

Bomb Blast Protection

Shock waves and energy from blasts can cause windows to crack, shatter, or explode completely, creating a severe hazard to those inside. Investing in a bomb blast protection film can help keep your building and occupants safe.

Bomb blast protection window films are one of today’s market’s most advanced security window films. These durable window film systems absorb impact and mitigate damage caused by explosions, keeping building occupants and interiors safe.

When installing bomb blast window film, you are investing in your safety and the safety of others. Bomb blast window films can distinguish between a potentially fatal situation and an avoided danger that’s kept under control.

Learn more about bomb blast protection film.


Exterior Refinishing

Exterior wear is inevitable in all buildings. There’s only so much beating your exterior can take. Windows are bound to chip or crack over time. But when they do, you don’t have to replace the glass to fix them.

Window film offers an easy, cost-friendly solution for exterior glass resurfacing. When applied to the exterior of a building, window film conceals cracks, chips, and imperfections in the glass and improves window energy efficiency.

With exterior window film, buildings are given new life and energy. They look more professional and well-kept, which pays off when making a good impression among customers. And the best part is that businesses save thousands of dollars on window replacement!

Learn more about exterior refinishing window film.

elevator refinishing san jose

Elevator Refinishing

If you have an elevator that has been dented or marked or is starting to show signs of corrosion, window film can help you complete the repairs. With window film, elevator refinishing is affordable and hassle-free. Window film conceals scratches and dents in elevators, making them look newer, cleaner, and more aesthetically pleasing.

At San Jose Window Film, we carry several surface films that can be used to refinish elevators quickly and affordably. Whether you have a glass, aluminum, wood, or stainless steel elevator that you’d like to restore, we’ve got the perfect style for you. Let us show you how easy it is to fix your damaged elevator and make it look like you bought it yesterday!

Learn more about elevator refinishing window film.

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