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Hanita Coatings: High Performance Window Films

At Window Film San Jose we are proud to offer an extensive selection of Hanita Coatings window films for commercial buildings and government buildings in the Bay Area. Hanita Coatings are a leader in today’s emerging global market films and offer multiple benefits to the business owners and municipal building managers who opt for them such as security, solar control, and privacy.

Hanita SolarZone Films For Your San Jose Windows

When it comes to solar control, Hanita SolarZone allows you to make your building much more sustainable and reduce energy costs while doing so. It works by filtering sunlight and rejecting heat, glare, and UV rays–without any loss of natural light. SolarZone also increases HVAC efficiency, cutting energy costs by up to 20%.

Hanita SafetyZone Films For Your San Jose Windows

Hanita SafetyZone films are the product of over 30 years of field testing in Israel. SafetyZone safety and security films are designed to hold glass in place even under extreme duress, minimizing damage caused by flying shards. This high-performance security film is your buildings first defense against the potentially life-threatening injuries caused by impact, blasts, and natural disasters.

Hanita Architectural Films For Your San Jose Windows

Hanita architectural films are the very picture of beauty but still add energy efficiency and security to your building. They’re designed to improve building aesthetics while offering practical benefits at the same time. In addition to these incredible, hard-working films, Hanita offers plastic glazing for use in skylights, glass roofing, conservatories, walkways, and shelters. They are the film of choice for designers seeking a way to add privacy, elegance, and efficiency to building structures.

With Hanita, you never need to forgo beauty for function, which makes Hanita Films and Coatings a fine choice for the windows and architectural elements on your San Jose building.

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