A new window film investment can be exciting for any homeowner or business owner. Once you’ve decided to invest in window film for your residential or commercial property, learning about the proper maintenance and care can help prolong the longevity of your window film. The right care can ensure that you experience all the incredible, exclusive benefits at their full potential. Here are the most significant tips for maintaining your window film:

Window Film Maintenance and Care for San Jose Properties

  1. Don’t clean your windows for at least a month: After installation, we recommend not cleaning your windows for at least a month. This gives your window film the right amount of time to properly cure. Avoid touching the glass all together if you can.
  2. Trapped condensation: In rare cases, right after installation you may notice a foggy appearance on your windows. This is completely normal and is due to trapped moisture. Let it naturally dissipate. If your windows still remain foggy after a week, please contact your window film contractor.
  3. Proper cleaning: Window film is less porous than glass requiring less frequent cleanings. Commercial glass cleaner can be used to clean your window film but isn’t required. A mild solution of water and dishwasher soap is ideal for cleaning your windows. Make sure to use non-abrasive cloths when cleaning to avoid scratching.
  4. Silicone polish: Interior films can utilize a silicone polish every once in a while in order to keep that beautiful, shiny surface. This step isn’t required but can help keep your window film performing.

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