Optimum Energy Efficiency For Your Historic San Jose Home With  Window Film

Anyone who has lived in a vintage or historic home knows that the beauty of those old towering Victorian windows comes at a price–almost no insulation or energy efficiency to speak of.  This is because these homes, although beautiful and charming, were constructed in an era when little or nothing was known about energy conservation and sustainability wasn’t yet on the minds of builders or homeowners.  Although there are a variety of features on historic San Jose homes that are poorly outfitted to be energy efficiency, the majority of the issues with hot and cold air loss is from old windows.  While it stands to reason that replacing these windows is a simple fix to the problem–that could not be further from the truth.  In reality, the cost, time and the frustration of having old windows replaced on your historic home make it a daunting, difficult and expensive undertaking.  A better option for energy efficiency in older homes is actually the application of window film.

Why Window Film Is Better Than Window Replacement For Historic Homes

Easily the most compelling reason to install window film on historic home windows rather than replace them is the cost.  Replacement windows for historic homes are outrageously expensive, especially when it comes to those beautiful arched windows.  Replacing these types of windows means having custom glass and framework done–which drives up the price.  Even square windows rarely match the size of today’s standard windows, meaning expensive custom work.  In fact, the cost of replacing windows on vintage homes is so high that, according to the National Trust For Historic Preservation:

“Replacement windows for historic homes could take 100 years or longer to pay for themselves in energy savings.”

On the other hand, window film is a relatively inexpensive solution to energy efficiency for historic home windows.  Even irregularly shaped windows are easy for us to apply film to because, here at San Jose Window Film, we carry such a solid range of film products with many different application methods.   The best part is, you get all the benefits of brand new windows with an installation that is usually complete in one day.  When it comes down to it, window film is a more simple, cost-effective insulation method for vintage windows over full window replacement.

For more information on historic home window film check out this link or the video below:


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