If keeping the prying eyes out of your home isn’t a good enough reason for you to invest in privacy window film–there are a couple of other ones we would love to point out to. To find out some added benefits of privacy window film in your San Jose home–read on.

Privacy window for more UV protection

Privacy window films work best to keeping those passing by and close neighbors from seeing inside your house. But there other benefits–like excellent UV protection from this type of film as well. Meaning these films keeps the people inside your building healthy and more comfortable. Studies show UV rays are harmful to human health. They cause ailments like headaches and eye disease and also some forms of cancer. So by blocking 99.9% of UV rays privacy Film makes your space healthier and more comfortable.

 Privacy window film for added security

Privacy window film keeps people and belongings inside your property out of public view. Making your space more secure. Since, crimes of opportunity occur when people see inside your building, privacy films that obscures your space decreases the likelihood someone will attempt to rob you. This type of film also makes crimes of “Smash and grab” harder. by making your windows harder to penetrate and it will take multiple blows for someone to get in. When this happens criminals usually move on to a less secured target. 

Privacy window for a safer property

Privacy window film keeps glass adhered on when after a strong blow or strike. This means it plays a double role: keeping your building safer from crime and natural disasters/accidents. During events like these, shattered glass flying through the air is one of the biggest dangers. Privacy film which keeps glass in place should one of these events occur helps people inside your building stay safer. When an accident occurs, a person who falls into the glass on your property will not be horribly injured by the glass, fence privacy window film is equivalent to tempered glass.

We carry many types of privacy films each with its own set of benefits. To learn more about these films and others–reach out to us today!