Security films demand here in San Jose has risen quite a bit in the last couple of years. This is both a good and a bad thing. We are happy people are taking more steps to protect themselves, their businesses, and the people they love from the danger of intruders. And, while there is quite a bit of information about safety and security window films out there–there is more to window film. In fact, we find people are surprised to hear about some of the most prominent details of these films during their security consult. 

Surprising Facts About Security Film 

  1. There is no such thing as “bulletproof” window Film:  We often get San Jose residents coming to us asking for “bulletproof” window film. The fact of the matter is–there is no such thing as a truly “bulletproof” window. The proper term is bullet resistant. Specialty window films used with the powerful C-bond adhesive and specialty window frames will stop many caliber bullets. However, any window/glass surface will eventually give way after multiple rounds.
  2. Security Window Film blocks UV rays: The added benefit of UV protection provided by many security films is fantastic! This means you get protection from dangers like bombs and ballistics while at the same time protecting yourself and your family from UV rays!
  3. High-Power Security Window Film Requires Speciality Window Frames:  We have found that many people think security film is a stand-alone product. But in reality, security films are thicker than regular films and need to be adhered with C-bond. They also need to be installed into specialty window frames. This adds cost but also drastically increases the level of safety.

If you are in the market for safety and/or security window film–reach out to us today for a free, onsite security audit of your San Jose space.

Angus Faith has an extensive background and experience operating in the architectural and construction industry. For years, he worked as an architect in Scotland where he obtained his degree and assisted with numerous commercial and residential projects. Later, he moved to the United States and began a new career in the window tinting industry, a job which he has now held for over a decade. Using a combination of his architectural knowledge and insight of window tinting innovations, Angus specializes in helping his customers in San Jose find the perfect window film to meet their goals. Over the years, he has worked with a range of brands and types of window film, including energy efficient, security, and decorative options from 3M, LLumar, Vista, Solar Gard, C-Bond, and more. Angus is a product expert and is considered to be one of the top professionals in his field.