How To Protect The Furniture in Your San Jose Home with Window Tint

If you live in San Jose, you probably love the gorgeous sunny weather, in fact, that is probably why you live here.  Compared to San Francisco we sure do get a lot of sun here and that is a great thing for outdoor activities and fun in the sun.  Bu too much sun, on the other hand, is not good for is your skin or your home furnishings. You may not realize what the sun is doing to your furniture and floors but the sad truth is the furnishings in your home are drastically affected by the harmful UV rays of the sun just like your skin.  It’s not just wood wither, any fabric, piece of furniture and/or artwork can become damaged and/or faded when sunlight passes through untreated windows onto them. That is why, here in San Jose, having window film applied to your home is a good investment for you, for your family and for your furnishings.

UV Protection For Your Furnishings With Window Film

Window film works by blocking 99% of UV rays.  Stopping these detrimental rays from penetrating into your home preserves the color of fabrics, carpets, and hardwood floors and helps protect fine antiques, woods, and works of art in your home.  It also reduces fading on drapes or bleaching of flooring. And don’t forget the greatest benefit of all: the days of drawing the curtains to cut back on the intense San Jose sun at any time of day are over.  After having window film applied to your San Jose home, you can enjoy the view, without a glare, knowing your furnishings are safe from harm.

UV Protection For You And Your Family With Window film

UVA rays coming through your home windows don’t just do damage to your furnishings–they are dangerous for the health of you and your family too.  Not only do they cause damage to eyes and skin and contribute to premature aging–they are shown to cause cancer too. Since one out of five Americans develops skin cancer in their life, a good way to keep yourself safe and take preventive measures is to have window film applied to your home windows– where you spend most of your day.  In fact, window tinting is so potent, it is recommended as a part of well rounded cancer-free skin regiment by doctors and the national cancer society.

Watch the video below to better understand how window film stops furniture fading:

For more information on how to keep your family and furnishings safe from the harmful rays of the sun, contact us at San Jose Window Film today!.