Citizens throughout the San Jose area may recognize the alarming occurrences of bird fatalities caused simply by flying into high rise buildings. This epidemic has plagued nations around the world resulting in over one billion bird deaths each year. With more and more skyscrapers being built, it’s pertinent for property owners to find capable solutions that promote awareness for birds while decreasing repair costs, eliminating undesired cleaning, and promoting a more positive environment for employees and building guests. Bird strike prevention film delivers the right solution for this issue offering all the benefits your property needs.

Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film for Your San Jose High Rise Building

Bird strike prevention film incorporates subtle decal designs throughout the product so that birds in-flight can visualize your property. The current issue is that birds can’t see your building due to reflective, optically clear windows leading them to crash. This produces expensive damage to property, troublesome cleanup efforts, and a traumatizing event for those who witness the incident. Bird strike prevention film eliminates all these issues helping property owners save considerably while providing a better work environment and guest experience. Lowering bird fatalities while providing necessary benefits for your San Jose property is exactly what bird strike prevention film does.

Installation Process for Bird Strike Prevention Film for San Jose High Rise Buildings

San Jose Window Film is the premier source for bird strike prevention film in the San Jose area. With a multitude of designs and brands to choose from, we ensure you’ll find the right investment for your property. We provide comprehensive help in product recommendations, design work, and professional installation. We always work to lower operational downtime while utilizing leading technology and glass strengtheners for every project.

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