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V-Kool For Your San Jose Home’s Windows

San Jose is a gorgeous place to live and no doubt you want to enjoy the view from your home’s windows. However, keeping those blinds or curtains open could drive up A/C bills and result in furnishings damaged by the harmful UV rays of the San Jose sun. With V-Kool window films there is another way for you to enjoy natural sunlight in your home while at the same time blocking the UV rays. This is because the application of V-Kool window tint blocks out the bad rays of the sun and lets in the good–giving you the San Jose quality of life you have grown to love.

V-Kool For Your San Jose Commercial Building’s Windows

V-Kool is highly effective at combating the harmful rays of the sun but still lets more than 70% of sunlight through windows. It is not just a residential film either–when applied to your commercial building’s windows, V-Kool provides a nearly transparent barrier that blocks up to 65% of total heat and eliminates over 96% of the sun’s infrared rays. All this while providing excellent clarity–allowing up to 77% of visible light to enter. All and all this adds up to more profit for your commercial venture because there is less need for expensive air conditioning and electric lighting. By conserving that energy, your business contributes to less pollution worldwide.

With V-Kool window tints you don’t have to sacrifice clarity or beauty to get the efficacy you need on your home or commercial building–which makes V-Kool a strong contender for your window film investment dollars.

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