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When it comes to choosing which window film for your job, you should know that the perfect film is out there and finding it is really about having a variety of different brands to choose from and the right installer to guide you. There are many cutting-edge brands out on the market, each created to excels at the application they were made for. This is why at San Jose Window film we don’t carry or specialize in any one brand, or application of window film. Instead, we foster partnerships with numerous manufacturers and provide our customers a catalog of products are diverse as their needs. This allows us to maximize the options and solutions we can provide to our commercial and residential customers. Whether you are looking for a highly-effective solar film to save you tens of thousands of dollars on utilities in your San Jose high rise or a small retailer looking for holiday decorative film, we have the brand you need and the workforce to install it properly. We always fit you to the right window film because all of our representatives are familiar with everything we sell and intent on selling you the brands you need, not brands they are incentivized to sell. Llumar, 3M, Vista, Enerlogic, and C-bond are only some of the trusted names we partner with to bring you complete film and tint solutions to any problem relating to glass, windows, and almost any other flat surfaces.

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