Like most business owners, you take a lot pride in what you do. You work hard to achieve your goals, and lead your employees to success. So when someone complains about their experience at your hotel, it can be a little disheartening.

But if there’s nothing stopping the sun from coming in your windows and creating tons of glare, can you really blame them? Glare makes it hard to see any type of electronic screen – tablets, cell phones, computers, and TV’s. So when your guests can’t do the basic things they enjoy, or attend to their work, it’s frustrating.

That’s why you need glare reduction window film for your San Jose hotel. With glare reduction window film, you can decrease the intensity of the sunlight pouring through your windows, and cut down on glare. Plus, there are lots of beautiful ways to add it to your hotel. Below, we’ve listed a few.

How to Make Your Hotel Glare-Free with Window Film

There are many types of window films available today that provide excellent glare control. Options range from subtle, sophisticated neutral tones to vibrant decorative films with elaborate patterns and images. It’s up to you which type you want to use in your hotel, but we encourage you to explore your options. Chances are, you’ll find something that you didn’t even know existed that you totally love.

Our Top Three Favorite Ideas

Here are some of our favorite ideas for using window film to get rid of glare in San Jose hotels:
1. Install patterned film on interior glass walls. The subtle design will provide privacy and create a distinct feeling of separation between one room and the next, while also subduing the intensity of the sun.
2. Add exterior window film to your perimeter. Exterior films are great for fighting glare, and they have a lovely reflective look that instantly elevates the appearance of any hotel.
3. Add frosted film to your lobby. Frosted film is subtle, yet stylish. And it cuts down on glare without reducing the amount of light that enters your interior.

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