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Why Graffiti Shield Is The Best Option For Graffiti Removal In San Jose

The detrimental effects of graffiti hit you where it hurts–the wallet. Graffiti is unsightly and worse yet, could cost you money and tenants too. It is also incredibly difficult to remove, oftentimes requiring the entire affected to be completely replaced. Graffiti Shield changes the game when it comes to fighting vandalism in the San Jose area because it covers and matches the finish of nearly any exposed flat surface of your commercial property from glass to metals and mirrors.

Glass Shield: Applying Glass Shield to your commercial windows is a simple tact you can take to save yourself thousands of dollars in replacement costs. This invisible, sacrificial coating, layered on top of your glass, protects exposed windows from paint, scratch and even acid graffiti.

Metal Shield: Repairing scratch or traditional graffiti damage to metal surfaces is almost impossible without it looking refinished or repaired. Worse than that, repairs often take days, if not weeks to finish and render the elevator in your San Jose building useless during the process. But not when you choose Metal Shield for your elevator graffiti repairs. Metal Shield is a metal film which covers the graffiti completely and can be installed in as little as one day.

Mirror Shield: Sadly, an emerging target for vandals is mirrors. The most difficult part about mirror graffiti is, once a mirror is defaced, it is useless and must be replaced. However, the installation of Mirror Shield can prevent the effects and high cost of mirror graffiti. Instead of replacing the mirror, you simply replace the defaced film at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Shield: There many surfaces for vandals to deface and unfortunately they are ever expanding their graffiti horizon. If you are commercial building owner in the San Jose area with a unique area that may need to be covered, a custom Graffiti Shield product could be right for you. A custom shield will solve a variety of individual problems, still at a fraction of the cost of full replacement.

With so many options for protection, we at San Jose Window Film can say with confidence that we’ve got you covered!

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