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EnerLogic for Everlasting Results & Savings

Change is the only constant. You need a window film that adapts to the changing seasons and weather. EnerLogic Window Film presents an out-of-the-box solution for keeping your San Jose home or office at the optimal temperature year round. Whether it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk or miserably cold, foggy, and wet outside, EnerLogic Low-E Window Films have the ability to keep you comfortable at all times. Low-E Technology traps heat in only when you need it and casts it out when it starts to get too warm, keeping your hvac system running efficiently. So long high energy costs, and hello savings!

EnerLogic Window Film Protects the Environment

Every year, the United States racks up energy use totals that amount to approximately 17% of global use. Natural resources are dwindling quickly, and humans are part of the problem. EnergLogic Widnow Films provide San Jose property owners with a way to reduce their energy use and help protect the environment. EnerLogic Window Films make homes and commercial properties more energy efficient, helping to prevent deforestation, production of CO2 emissions, and habit destruction.

enerlogic san jose

How EnerLogic Works
Heat travels towards areas that are cooler. We know this based on our understanding of how energy works. One way that heat is lost or gained in a building is by transference through windows which lack insulation. When the room is hotter on the inside, heat flows out into the cold air, and when the room is colder, vise-versa. EnerLogic Window Films work to counteract this effect by reducing transference of radiant heat. Cold air produced by air conditioning is contained indoors during the summer, reducing hvac run times. During winter, heat is trapped inside so buildings use less energy to stay warm.

EnerLogic 70 Window Film
EnerLogic 70 Window Film is recommended for buildings that tend to stay cooler or are located in shady areas or cold climates. These window films are virtually clear, but provide powerful energy efficiency, keeping indoor temperatures stable and comfortable.

EnerLogic 35 Window Film
EnerLogic 35 Window Films exhibit a beautiful neutral appearance that helps reject heat. Typically recommended for warmer climates or buildings located in sunny areas, EnerLogic 35 blocks heat and prevents glare, discomfort, and fatigue, making indoor environments more efficient and enjoyable.

enerlogic window film san jose

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