How Cloaking Film Protects Your San Jose Office’s Sensitive Workplace Areas

At San Jose Window Film we work hard to stay on top of new window tint technology.  It is no simple task since, window tint technology is always evolving for the betterment of mankind  The tint technologies of the past, in applications from glare reduction to energy efficiency, are ever changing into the superior window tints we see present day.  Privacy tint is one such field that has seen almost unmatched growth.  One of the latest innovations we now carry and are happy to introduce to our business and corporate clients is–Casper Cloaking Film, manufactured by DesignTex and distributed by one of our wholesale partners-Solyx.  This tint is changing the commercial privacy industry right here in San Jose and across the world.  Best of all, it is yours to have through San Jose Window Film.

In an age where open-plan offices are the latest trend and glass-walled conference rooms are ubiquitous, privacy is a premium. While an open design has its strengths, one huge drawback is– it is hard, if not impossible, to conduct business with any measure of privacy. Any meeting or project demanding discretion for say, quarterly reports or year-end bonuses, is completely visible on your conference room screen(s) for every employee in the office and even visitors to see. The more you try to cover screens and/or windows to garner more privacy, the more curiosity and office buzz you seem to invoke.

Casper Cloaking Film For Privacy In Your San Jose Office–Without Sacrificing Style

With Casper Cloaking Film, those hodge-podge privacy setups you come up with to cover sensitive materials on the screens in your conference room, are a thing of the past.  Privacy without loss of clarity is the reality now.  After Casper Cloaking film is applied to the glass walls of your office, your LED and LCD screens will be 100% private–blocked by the film and appearing as black boxes.  However,  the glass on the windows keeps all of its clarity and looks just like regular glass.

The best part of Casper Cloaking Film is, besides the tv screen, everything else is still as visible as it was before– 100% clear for those outside the room or in it.  Also, if you want to take advantage of the cloaking benefits but also require a little more privacy, Casper offers cutting-edge decorative films in numerous modern patterns as an addition to the privacy film.   The days of brown paper held up by masking tape on glass meeting room walls are over with DesignTex’s new, cutting-edge, Casper Cloaking Tint without sacrificing beauty or clarity.

San Jose Window Film For All Your Casper Cloaking Film Needs

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