San Jose storefronts have fallen victim to smash-and-grab burglaries in the last few months. Smash-and-grabs have been happening more frequently throughout the nation, leading to quite the epidemic. Due to the quickness of this crime, finding justice and prevention methods can be extremely tough. Security systems are triggered but police simply don’t arrive in time, while security footage often leads to a dead end. Safety and security window film is the only high-performing solution that’s designed to deter smash-and-grabs along with other forms of break-ins and robberies.

Advantages of Safety and Security Window Film for San Jose Storefronts

Safety and security window film offers a great preventative security measure that acts as a passive security system that never requires manual operation. Safety window film works by adding significant strength and flexibility to your existing glass. When high impact events occur, the safety film keeps glass fragments bonded together for a much longer time period than unprotected glass. This crucial amount of time added actually deters burglars and assailants from pursuing your storefront. Since security film makes it exponentially more difficult to break in while making a lot of noise that can draw unwanted attention, burglars tend to move on to their next target.

Security Evaluation of Your San Jose Retail Store

San Jose Window Film is proud to offer free in-store consultations that better define your property’s specific needs. Our security team is comprised of incredible security experts in addition to civil engineers that can find the best security films for your property. In addition to product recommendations, we’re here to help you with strategic installations and specialty safety window film systems that offer better security. With the largest inventory of safety films, we’re here to help!

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